WORKCAMPS (Mission Trips)



At Pass-A-Grille Beach UCC, we pride ourselves on being a mission church...


We believe that one of the greatest ways we have to show our love for God and for others is by the way we serve them.  Our goal is to help youth learn how to live out their faith by the way they care for others!  Whether it is through a Workcamp, or a few hours spent preparing food for the homeless, we believe in serving others.

One of the greatest ministries our youth programming provides is the opportunity for our youth to travel to various sites every summer and experience the joy that comes from giving of one’s self.   We have committed to taking the senior high youth overseas once every four years so that each of them will have the opportunity during their high school years, to experience life in a culture very different from their own. These Workcamps have been life changing experiences, not only for the individual youth involved, but for the entire group.


We seek to find new ways to reach out to our local community through service projects and volunteering as well.

Summer of 2022...


WAVE will be traveling to Dublin,  Ireland  June 7 - 18, 2022


Opportunities to serve the people of Ireland are extensive and diverse. The goal is to address and meet practical needs while building relationships and sharing the gospel. As the people of Dublin become more and more disillusioned with “religion,” our mission is simply to bring people closer to Jesus. 

Our projects, coordinated by local groups, involve many different types of service. Here are examples of the types of projects you might be involved with:

~An evening outreach to homeless people and addicts, with referrals to a Christian rehabilitation program

~Preparing and serving food at a homeless outreach

~Ministry to inner-city children and families, including after-school care, a Bible program, and summer camps

~Ministry to working families, including small-group discipleship and summer camps

~Outreach to families whose children have special needs

~Outreach to retirees, including spiritual discussion along with tea and coffee

~Various work projects in different environments

~Camp ministry serving people from all parts of the city

~Retreats for recovering addicts

~Music ministry


~Prayer-walking through the city


For more information on how to sign up contact Jeanne Haemmemlmann at (727) 360-5508 ext 6 or at


Riptide will be traveling to Loveland, Colorado, July 2022


Week of Hope is packed with practical acts of love and service. Students build meaningful connections as they serve people through our strong partnerships with local ministries and nonprofit organizations. They'll learn Christ-like empathy and compassion for others as they meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of disadvantaged children, youth, and adults.

As we enter into the lives of others and build relationships with the people of Loveland, you'll experience God working through them at projects such as:

~Helping with maintenance projects including trimming, storage shed clean-out/organization and picnic area restoration at an affordable housing organization. There may be opportunity to interact with and work alongside low income families living there, and plan and implement a fun activity for the kids of the complex.

~Assisting several Adult Day Programs with a variety of projects to keep them running efficiently, as well as interacting with clients during their activity time!

~Rotating through different food pantry centers, preparing and serving hot meals to community members, sorting donations, and helping people choose food and clothing.

~Working at a horse therapy farm! Participants will work in one of four areas; be prepared to work outdoors and to work alongside their special need clients.  An open mind and willingness to talk and share with them will make this a very memorable experience!

~Sort and box items that are sent out internationally--participants get to be the hands and feet of Jesus for an organization that helps fight poverty through sustainable, life changing programs.

~Assisting at a non-profit facility that helps homeless families. Participants will also be making blessing bags for the homeless and delivering them.

~Work one-on-one with kids with mental disabilities as their buddy for fun activities.

For more information on how to sign up contact Jeanne Haemmemlmann at (727) 360-5508 ext 6 or at

“And what does the LORD require of you?

To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”
Micah 6