As a church and congregation, we are dedicated to serving the families in our church and community. Our kids are the youngest official group in the church and are called the Ripples (followed by the Middle School Riptide, High School Wave, and Young Adult Tsunami groups).

Our goals in Ripples are to:

- help children grow in faith and in their understanding of the Bible, God, and the church

- provide a safe and loving Christian environment in which kids learn, experience, and have fun

- support families in raising confident, responsible, caring Christian kids

- offer opportunities for church families to spend time together

Whether you’re just visiting, on vacation, or live in the area, we welcome you to bring your children to our church. As parents ourselves, we know you may have some questions!



1. Pray Faithfully

Try praying with your family each day this week. Here are a few fun ideas:

- ABC Prayer: take turns with each member of the family to pray for something that starts with each letter of the alphabet

- Paper Airplane Prayer: write a prayer on a piece of paper, share it, then turn it into an airplane. Then throw the airplanes, of course!

- Candle Prayer: light a candle for each person praying. When finished, let the kids blow out the candles.

- Nature Prayer: go outside and use all your senses. Offer prayers for what you feel, see, and hear.

- Colors Prayer: each person picks a color and prays for things of that color. Great for prayers of thanks!

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2. Be Joyful in Hope

Spread hope by cutting out paper hearts and putting them on your windows for others to see. Easy!


3. Share with God's People in Need

Decide on how you might help others. Ideas: food donations, clothing donations, reaching out to someone who might be lonely, helping a neighbor. Whatever you do, do it with a joyful heart.


4. Keep Your Faith Alive

Try this fun dance along to get on your feet and dancing as a family. The lyrics are great, and the dance moves are fun. 


5. Live in Harmony with One Another

Talk about how you can treat those you live with and close to as you'd like to be treated. Then try to do some extra nice things during the week for the ones you love...leave a note, give an extra hug, share the love!


6. Be in Harmony with All 

Create an image of peace. Try making a peace sign in nature or coloring a peace picture. Any image of peace will do!




Parents, grandparents, and caretakers: check out this article about teaching our kids -- and learning from them -- to love our neighbors. 


What Does it Mean to Love Your Neighbor Today?




As children learn and grow, so do the programs we offer, as follows:


SUNDAY MORNING CHILDCARE: Our nursery area includes toys, books, and a safe play area; a changing area for babies; a television for watching the service; and the option to leave children with our nursery staff.


SUNDAY MORNING FAITH FORMATIONS TIME:  Each Sunday morning during 10:00 AM church, kids are invited to Faith Formations time. Children's messages are usually incorporated into the service, after which kids leave with the Ripples leaders for the remainder of the service (see below for more information!).


FAITH STEPPING STONES: We’re excited to launch this new program in the spring of 2020! Stay tuned for details. 


FAMILY EVENTS: Scheduled approximately once each month, family events offer time for fellowship and fun. Activities are varied; please check them out below.


SPECIAL EVENTS: We value our traditions! Each year we include the presentation of Bibles to children, communion instruction, a Christmas party, Kids Art Camp in February, Easter egg hunting and cross decorating, and Vacation Bible School in the summer.



Childcare is available for kids who are younger than 3 or not quite ready to join the other children in Faith Formations.


Kids age three (potty trained) through those in grade 6 are invited to join us for Faith Formations time on Sunday mornings, where they divide into age-appropriate groups.


Families with kids of all ages are welcome to Family and Special Events.



Faith Formations time takes place each Sunday during 10:00 church. Children start in church with their families, then take part in the Children’s Message during the service. Kids leave as a group for Faith Formations, located on the first floor of the Education Building. There, they learn about God through play, art, stories, and games. Each Sunday is a little bit different, depending on the day’s focus, but it’s always fun.



Your children’s safety is important to us. We are a Safe Church, which means that all our volunteers are screened to ensure your child’s safety.


If your child needs you while in the nursery or Faith Formations, we’ll alert you either via text message or by personally coming into the church.


Ripples Events for 2020

At this time all events are on "pause" as we continue to follow guidleines admist the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We look forward to resuming as soon as safely possible.

What are details about the Special Events?

Presentation of Bibles: Each year our church family presents a Spark Bible (NRSV) to our 3rd graders and those who are older but haven’t yet received this gift.  These bibles are easy to read and are a great resource for kids and parents!

Communion Instruction: We invite parents and children to learn about communion and then experience it. We recommend this for children in grade three and above. Each year, children who participate in communion instruction receive communion for the first time during one of our worship services.

Church Holiday Celebrations: We love to celebrate! Join us the day before Easter for an egg hunt and Easter cross decoration. At Christmas time, take part in decorating the church.

Art Adventure & Vacation Bible School: Art Adventure Camp takes place on February 15th, and Summer Vacation Bible School takes place on June 1st. These fun Saturdays allow kids to learn and grow, while parents are free to spend the day at ease. 

How can I get involved in helping with Faith Formations or special events?

We welcome volunteers! Contact Signe at SigneWebb@Yahoo.com if you’re interested in spending time with the Ripples group.

Before working with our children, all volunteers are screened through a background check as part of our Safe Church policy.

Additional Questions?

We’re happy to help. Please contact the office at  Admin@pagchurch.org or the Director of Faith Formations at SigneWebb@Yahoo.com.