At Pass-A-Grille, worship is a thoughtful and joyful time focused on helping each participant experience God, and mature in their faith. We recognize that we are called into community with one another, living out our calling through worship, service, fellowship and learning. At the heart of our community is a desire to follow Jesus.

At Pass-A-Grille, worship is blended in nature, at times relaxed and contemporary, while on other occasions more formal and traditional. Sermons provide moments of sacred story-telling in engaging, renewing, and at times, provocative ways.

At Pass-A-Grille, it would not be unusual to find children streaming down the center isle, processing with balloons, or following a donkey; neither would it be extraordinary to worship beside a flowing fountain, or on the beach.  Our hope, each week, is not merely for those present to listen to a sermon or observe worship, but to somehow experience God. Our goal is to creatively share in the Gospel we preach in ways that are inspiring, relevant, and meaningful to everyone in attendance, whether young or old.

As a congregation of the United Church of Christ, we welcome families of every kind regardless of religious background, education, race, sexual orientation, age, marital status, economic means or nationality.

So no matter who you are or where you are, you are welcome here!


Begin your Sunday morning at 8:30 AM with 15 minutes of meditative music. This is followed by a seamlessly flowing service of worship, with contemporary music and weekly communion at 8:45 AM.

We offer a traditional worship service at 10 AM which includes a children's message and choir.

Faith Formation for children ages preschool through grade 6 begins in the Sanctuary, and following the Children's Message at the front of the Sanctuary, children are invited to their Church School programs. (click HERE for more info). 

Childcare for infants and toddlers is offered in the nursery in the lower level of the main builiding from 8:45 AM until 11:15 AM.

Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month as well as during special services and holy days.  We practice open communion, where all people who are open and willing to experience the presence of Christ are invited to partake.

Pass-A-Grille Beach Community Church, UCC is an accessible facility.






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