Baptism...A Sacred Convenant

Baptism is a spiritual act whereby we celebrate God's presence in, and claim upon, our live.  In baptism we offer to God our hopes and dreams, fears and aspirations.   In baptism we acknowledge God's touch upon our lives and personal claim upon our future.  It is a prayerful act wherein we recognize what has happened, and what will happen, in our lives because of God's love and grace.

Infant baptism, which is the most common practice within our tradition, is a joyful time of dedication and consecration within our church family.  As we dedicate the infant being baptized to God, we also consecrate our own lives to the act of supporting them, and their families, in their life-long journey of parenting.  Through baptism we plant a "seed of faith" which can only grow to fruition through care and nurture of others. 

At Pass-A-Grille Beach Community Church we take our role as a congregation in this covenant very seriously seeking to provide those programs of education, fellowship and pastoral care that will assist both the parents and the child in the faith journey over the years.  Whether through our excellent church school, Montessori program, youth fellowships, and worship service, we are committed to fulfilling our part in this sacrament.

The pastoral staff of Pass-a-Grille Beach Community Church performs baptisms for both members and non-members.  For more information, please speak with the Church Office at (727) 360-5508.