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To All Members and Friends of Pass-a-Grille Beach Community Church,

Thank you—your generosity has made possible the success of our ministries. Your support has directly helped sustain the message of love and hope that is the Gospel. In a time of great tension and increasing doubt, between people and regarding faith, the importance of this ministry cannot be overstated. Our efforts represent more than the symbolic raising of a steeple, they manifest a promise of healing for a broken society and fragmented world. Whether through youth ministry; care for homeless families; providing support for abused women and children; or presence for those overwhelmed by life; our church makes a significant difference in our homes, community, and world.

We are excited about the upcoming year as the renovation of our facility is completed and added flexible space becomes available for new events and additional programs. We look ahead to summer concerts, as well as Christmastime fellowship under the new courtyard pavilion. We can’t wait to utilize the redesigned gathering space for small groups, story time for children, and general fellowship. Our challenges involving sound and light will be remedied and . . . a state-of-the-art system for the hearing impaired, installed. Everything we currently do, will be enhanced. And what we do in the future will only be constrained by our lack of imagination or support.

And our staff, aren’t they wonderful? Weekly, we enjoy the quality, quantity, and creativity of their work.  Just look at the strength of our youth programming, the range of mission activities, the quality of our music, and who could forget—the dramatic presentations about Job as well as Ebenezer Scrooge? However, maintaining these endeavors is dependent on our retention of staff. With many churches struggling and fewer people entering ministry, the competition for talent, such as we enjoy, is growing. It is imperative we keep our team intact, especially as we enter this new phase of ministry. We could go on and on about the great attributes of PAG’s ministry, but will stop, confident that you are aware and appreciative of them.         

What you may be unaware of is, in many instances our giving has not kept pace with the cost of sustaining the many programs we love. No church can remain vital without the steady financial commitment of friends and members. Future dreams cannot be achieved through old patterns of giving. And any church that operates with an outdated mindset will slowly slip behind and eventually die. So, we encourage you to carefully consider your annual contribution to our church. Ask, “Is my giving regular and consistent? Does it represent a sacrificial commitment?” This past year, giving fell short of our need due to unpredictable expenses related to our facility. Our remodeling should end these costs, allowing us to allocate more to specific program needs. As such, we hope for a 5% rise in giving. This represents a bit more than the rise in fixed costs for operation (i.e. maintenance, utilities, equipment, etc.). There are, but two ways to meet this need and retain the strength of our ministries—access reserve funds or look for an increase in congregational support. We believe members and friends will rise to the occasion, meet the need, and successfully make this happen.    

Please give this consideration as you determine your financial support for 2019-2020. We are blessed to be among the churches doing more than surviving, however, no church can assume this will remain the case. As someone said, “The Church is but one generation away from extinction.” In many respects, the Church in our times is perilously close to fulfilling this prophecy. Let us never take for granted the wonderful ministries that are . . . Pass-a-Grille Church, but each do our part so future generations receive a legacy of faith that bears witness to our love for this church and Christ’s ministry. You are invited to join in making great things happen, by clicking the link HERE and noting your pledge for 2019-2020, or by making a contribution as fits your ability. In either case, THANK YOU!

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Keith A. Haemmelmann, Senior Minister

Ms. Bobbie Bonavia, Council President

Mr. David Christein, Council Vice President

Church Council