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Raise The Steeple Update

March 22, 2019

I'd like to share the followin gupdates on our Raise The Steeple remodeling project:

1) The abatement work has moved to the first floor of our main building. We anticipate several more weeks before the ceiling and floor tile are finished. The bathrooms on the first floor are useable and don't forget  about the four restrooms located in the breezeway between buildings that are accessible and open. We have been assured by our contractor the material used for the abatement project is organic.

2)   Offices are located on the second floor of our Educational Building on the north end. Please make use of the elevator in the open breezeways between  buildings.

3)    Ministerial and program staff currently work wherever space is available. Call the office to schedule a meeting time if you wish to meet personally with them.

4)    If the north door (paved parking lot) is closed for work, you may enter the sanctuary through the chapel door (west alley) and the Fellowship Hall via the kitchen door (east alley).

5)    The sanctuary will always be accessible, however, the means to get there may vary from week-to-week.  Feel free to contact the church office at 727.360.5508 if you have questions.

6)    Until further notice, our ability to stream our worship service online or record is on hold. We will make an announcement just as soon as the equipment required for this service is reinstalled and functioning.

Thanks to all who assisted with moving furniture, books, equipment etc. to storage so this project could begin.  Likewise, we are grateful for the patience required from everyone for work to proceed.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but are truly excited by the scope of this effort and look forward to its beautiful completion.

In peace,

Rev. Keith A. Haemmelmann