Searching For Relevance

"Now Is The Time"

March 16, 2018

The activity level at church has been very high as we move through the concluding days of Lent, which also include finalizing details for Easter.  Many of you have inquired as to the location of our Sunrise service in light of the road construction.  Have no fear . . . Easter will come, only this year it will be moved a few blocks north on Pass-a-Grille Way near the Park (shuffleboard location).  The bonus that comes with this shift is easier parking.  We anticipate this will only be for 2018 and that in 2019 we will return to our original worship spot.  

Other seasonal activities include the end of our Holy Habits Lenten challenge.  I have been so pleased by the number of people who have participated in this spiritual discipline through daily prayer, worship, study, and service.  This Sunday we will conclude our series with a sermon entitled, “My Least Favorite Task,” followed by our final study (Wednesday at 1 & 7 p.m) on the  spiritual discipline of giving.  This will be led by Rev. Haemmelmann.

This topic, not only brings us to the final stop on our Lenten journey, but places before us the foundation for every aspect of our goal toward reaching a deeper spirituality.  Prayer, worship, and all the disciplines become minimized and self-indulgent without this form of outward expression.  Worship can motivate us to help at a homeless shelter.  Prayer might push us toward visiting the sick, or writing personal notes to the bereaved.  And, of course, there is a direct correlation between our financial support and the many ways Christ’s ministry does, or does not, take place!  Similarly, the springboard for our faith is either deepened or not, by the priorities you place at the core of your being.

As the church embarks on a daring plan of increasing and improving our ministry through the updating of our facility, I would encourage you to consider, as never before, your financial support of Pass-A-Grille Beach Community Church.  It is imperative that we maintain the place we identify as the center of our worship life.  We have a long proud history of sharing the light of hope and love that shines far beyond our walls and property on St. Pete Beach.  Over the hundred plus years of our ministry we have supported families, assisted in community service, provided hospitality to countless visitors, and led programs of caring that have carried God’s love around the world.  This could not have happened without the dedicated support of members and friends.  

NOW, we are invited to step up again, not just for ourselves, but what we anticipate will be the needs of future generations.  We cannot bemoan the place and role of the church in our society if our commitment becomes any less than that of the generations of faithful before us.  Over the course of my thirteen plus years, serving this church, we have never made any kind of substantial push for your financial support, but if there was ever a time . . . the time is now!

Information regarding our “Raise the Steeple” capital improvement program are available at the church.  These include a commitment tear off.  You can also visit our website if you wish to join in, on-line.  I have offered my commitment as a token response of my love for Christ and a tangible symbol of my love for our church.  I prayerfully hope that by Easter, you will have joined me, and done the same.


Rev. Dr. Keith A. Haemmelmann