Searching For Relevance


September 21, 2017

It is a joy to be back at Pass-A-Grille Beach Comuunity Church after my Sabbatical time this past summer.  I am grateful to the congregation for providing me with this opportunity, and most appreciative of staff and volunteer coverage in my absence. We are very blessed to have so many wonderful individuals laboring on behalf of our church.

In the time ahead I plan to share my sabbatical experience in multiple ways.  Perhaps through a kind of travel presentation, certainly in my writings, classes, and sermons.  But also through our upcoming worship series, “Blessedness,” which is centered around the Scottish/Presbyterian/Celtic style of worship.  Music, message, and personal mission opportunities will be both new and familiar; joyous, and challenging as well as deeply spiritual.

I was greatly moved by my time on the Scottish island of Iona, where I stayed, prayed, worked and worshipped at the Abbey bearing the same name.  It was inspirational to worship in very new, yet historically traditional ways in the morning and at night.  It was a uniquely unanticipated blessing to live among clergy and laity from churches of varying traditions around the world.  And it was wonderful to quietly meditate amid the bricks and mortar where saints and sinners, kings and pilgrims are buried.  

I hope you will join us for worship in the upcoming weeks.  

I also hope that you have endured minimal damage from Hurricane Irma (if you know of someone who needs help, please contact us).  We will certainly we evaluating how our congregation might be of aid to other churches or communities that were not as fortunate as St Pete.  But also please remember the importance of your financial commitment to PAG Church as we too suffered some significant structural damage (i.e. our steeple) not covered by any insurance.

I look forward to our “regrouping” in the weeks ahead.  I am truly excited and hope you are too!

In Christ,

Rev. Dr.  Keith A. Haemmelmann