Searching For Relevance

New Year Wishes

December 29, 2016

As our calendar flips digits and we make a mental shift from one year to another, I can’t help but think about all the points of transition our world is going through.  Not only are we making a dramatic change in our own national leadership, but the world itself appears to be tiltiing in new, unknown, and for me, tenuous directions.  As such, I have more questions than answers about myself for the upcoming year, as well as the place and role of religion, and particularly the ministry of Pass-a-Grille Church, in the time ahead.  I know that as staff, much of what we had prepared for this winter and spring no longer seems relevant and we are working out what that might mean.  I don’t think we’re alone in these feeliings and sense that all of us are, in multiple ways, wondering alot about the future.

In this regard, a colleague shared a recent “Ted Talk” that resonated with the thoughts and emotions I have been struggling to understand and somehow, express.  I found this talk to be helpful in that it was challenging, enlightening, and inspiring.  The book of Proverbs says, “A People without Vision, Perish!”  This talk reminded me of that, the haunting question that follows is, “What now, IS our Vision?  And what role do we, as people of faith, need to play in making the vision a reality?"

As such, I thought that you might benefit from listening to this presentation as well!  So, I invite you to click on the following link:   https://www.ted.com/talks/sharon_brous_it_s_time_to_reclaim_and_reinvent_religion — and join me in reflection as we seek to discern and clarify our future in faith in, not just a New Year, but a wholly different world. 

Happy 2017 to all!

Rev. Dr. Keith Haemmelmann