Mission & Outreach

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The Mission Outreach Program organizes and administers donations and helps with service projects

throughout the year for local, national and world charities. The Mission & Outreach ministries organize opportunities for the church community to help less fortunate people obtain a life of dignity and safety, so they too may experience the joy of God's abundant love.

Throughout the year we partner with several organizations to create a variety of hands on programs that meet the needs of the underserved and marginalized members of society.

These include:

Habitat for Humanity

Ronald McDonald House


The St. Petersburg Free Clinic

This past September, Pass-A-Grille Beach Community Church UCC had its ninth annual Adult Mission Trip with 27 people committing a week of their time to serve the poor. Many expected us to travel to areas notoriously devastated by poverty. Instead we chose Cape Cod.

Cape Cod has always had its share of the working poor, but the lack of full-time work and affordable housing has driven many people into homelessness and poverty. An epidemic of heroin abuse has swept through the Cape, expanding poverty levels hidden to most vacationers.

We partnered with Champ Homes and A Baby Center. Both were founded with a faith perspective from a church home. Additionally, we sent volunteers to The Salvation Army and the YMCA. All four organizations have ministries for people who are forgotten by a local government that historically caters to the wealthy.

Overall, this was a very rewarding time for both the mission recipients and our PAG mission participants, who offered the following words about their experience:

“My view of poverty and homelessness changed because of this mission trip. I had a preconceived notion of the derelict on the street asking for a handout. I didn’t know that people could have jobs and still not be able to find adequate and affordable housing.”  ~ Mac Richardson

“… we were all surprised to see and hear the stories about the problems on Cape Cod. It truly is "hidden poverty."  I know there is visible poverty in our own city of St. Petersburg, but now I am thinking about the economic problems we don't see.” ~ Jeanie Griffin 

“Over the week the residents came to know us and expressed their gratitude.  These were young and old alike who for many reasons fell between the cracks and without Champ Homes would have been on the street. There were many touching stories, but what was common among them was their feeling of being forgotten. … I've always felt a sense of peace and joy, when doing something that is aligned with the spirit of God, and in this case remembering the forgotten".  ~ Robert Clark

“Because PAG church provided the materials and our team the labor to repair portions of the building that was not likely to get repaired any time soon, I suspect that we no doubt prevented windows from falling out at some time in the future or at the very least prevented damage to items in some of the residents’ rooms from leaking windows.  And the Cedar Shake project perhaps prevented leaks into the basement.”  ~ Joe Mansir

“This mission trip to Cape Cod was very special. At the start of each day we got together for devotions and then again at the end to share our experiences. It allowed us to see how each group was working and interacting with the community. It was meaningful to know that we were helping people who needed it and it was especially good that we all got along so well and worked well together.”  ~ Kathy Mansir

“What a great mission trip - my first, and I hope not my last!  God's hands were all over our mission work and we came away knowing we had made a real difference! …what touched me so much were the life stories and testimony from the people struggling to get ahead. We left Pass-A-Grille as a loose group of acquaintances, and we came home as a close knit group that understands the need to serve, knowing that addiction touches every one.”  ~ Glenda McKinney 

“There was a wonderful feeling of cooperation between us. When a group of people work together for several days, it is amazing what can be accomplished. One great benefit from this was to know church members we never knew. The closing communion service in a circle on the lawn was lovely and meaningful. We have a new appreciation for Guillermo's organizational skills, talents and abilities. He was very aware of everyone's needs and was very adaptable.”  ~ Arlene Norenberg

“Our team was assigned to A Baby Center. In anticipation of their needs, the Piecemakers donated 25 quilted blankets and 65 hand made hats to be given out as needed to the clients. The task for our team was to sort donations that had been stored in plastic bins. It was an overwhelming task and we accomplished in 3 days what to them seemed an improbable undertaking. As we prepared to leave, we gave them a donation of $1,000.00 from PAGBCC mission committee, which was gratefully accepted. We left with warm hearts and the knowledge that we had indeed performed a valuable mission for that community.”  ~ Linda Goecker   

For more information on the opportunities available for you to become involved, contact Rev. Guilllermo at revdrgms@gmail.com