Adult Faith Formation

Pass-A-Grille Beach Community Church, UCC provides programs, small groups, lectures, Bible studies and other opportunities for exploring, deepening, and sharing the journey of faith in a safe environment.  Our mission is to enrich lives by deepening our faith, broadening our understanding and nurturing our God given gifts. Faith formation is a lifelong pursuit at PAG.

This world needs people who are thoughful, informed and faithful to an open and educated understanding of scripture.  We encourage you to ask questions, seek answers, and share with this community on your spiriutal journey. We welcome all believers, skeptics and agnostics to join us on the journey!

We offer weekly opportunities for spiritual growth

     - Men's Prayer Breakfast meets Tuesday mornings at 7 AM and discusses the scripture for the upcoming week.

      - Women on a Faith Journey meets Thursday mornings at 9 AM and discusses various topics regarding our spiritual life.


Additionally throughout the year there are multiple Bible studies and small group offerings available.

Covenant Discussion Series

Like our successful "Companion in Christ" groups of the last several years, "Covenant" will meet in small groups, in eight-week sessions.  You will have the opportunity to study and journal at home, listen to nationally known scholars, dialogue with others, and ask me questions about the subject matter.  You must, however, commit to the group experience required for each session.

The group meets Tuesdays  and  from 6:30 - 8:30 PM.  Group leaders will be Rev. Keith, Jeanne Haemmelmann, Shari Ellis, and Rick Carson. There is currently a group in session, but a new session will be available in January 2016.

COVENANT is based on the understanding that it is through community—through shared reflection and engagement—that we can best discover the Bible’s transformative power. It is rooted in the simple idea that we live well when we love well. 

The goal of COVENANT BIBLE STUDY is to deepen our understanding of scripture while also helping us respond together in answering God’s call to a faithful life in Jesus. So it embraces a learning experience that builds trust in others and confidence in scripture for each participant—leveraging not just scriptural examples but also personal memories of God’s faithful love.  It helps participants, through sharing and conversation, apply the Bible to their personal story. 

COVENANT  differs from other Bible studies in that it emphasizes the biblical concept of covenant as a unifying pattern throughout the entire Bible. It underscores the unique relationship that God chooses with us as God's people.

The program covers both Testaments—discussing books from each in a way that shows the interconnectedness of scripture as a whole. 

But deep, committed study needn’t be complex. It should be flexible. Relevant. And engaging.

That’s why Covenant Bible Study is broken into three eight-week sessions — each dealing with a different aspect of what covenant means: 

Library Book Discussion

We meet to discuss a new book each on the third Tuesday of each month.  Please plan to join us in the Library at 1 pm.  We are always pleased to see new faces.  If you need a book, please call the office at 727-360-5508.  Hope to see you there!

Adult Ministry & Faith Formation


What is Faith Formation?

Faith Formation is a lifelong journey.

It is an engaged process of learning that creates a strong foundation.

     ...a foundation on which to learn

about God, Christian tradition, and that which is sacred through experiences

of spiritual development.

     ...a foundation which is integrated and woven throughout all aspects

of congregational, daily and family life.

     ...a foundation which will provide landmarks and guide the way

on life's journey.