How to Join PAG

What do I need to do to become an active participant in the ministry of  Pass-A-Grille Beach Church (PAG)?

Although we encourage individuals to become “members” of Pass-A-Grille Church, formal affiliation is not required to join in any, or all of our ministries.  Many of the participants at our church are seasonal, and thus retain a historic church connection in a congregation located elsewhere, or they have chosen to become “associate” members, which acknowledges connections with our congregation and another church home.  Formal membership is encouraged because it aids staff and leadership with pastoral and administrative responsibilities.

Are there any classes that would help to better understand PAG Church and its ministries?

Yes, we regularly offer "Orientation" classes that share church history, programming, worship, and administrative procedures.  These are designed to better your participation in the life of PAG church whether you are a seasonal, or year round, attendee.  This provides an opportunity to learn about our church and our denomination.  Childcare is provided for these events. 

Are there any other options, besides official “membership”  so that I can become more fully connected

with this ministry?

Absolutely!  Membership is merely a means by which we understand roles and responsibilities of participants as designated by our constitutional, or operational guidelines.  What we are really about, at Pass-A-Grille Church, is creating Disciples in Christian Ministry.  If for any reason you have reservations about formal membership, we invite you to become an “Active Friend” with us.  Choosing this connection with our church will provide you with regular information regarding all church activities -- mission, education, spiritual growth --  in order for you to develop and maintain a deeper relationship with Pass-A-Grille Church.  

You can explore any of these options by emailing your name and phone number to You will then be contacted by one of our ministers to answer any questions you may have.