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stimulate your mind. Here, you will experience a call to discipleship that is inviting, involving,

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Meditative Worship - 8:45

Traditional Worship - 10:00

Children's Church - 10:00

Fellowship Time - 11:00

This week:

"Deep Soul Fishing"

Rev. Dr. Keith Haemmelmann

If you would like to better prepare yourself for this week’s Sermon, we invite you to click on the provided link HERE to learn more about Sunday's scripture and Scholar's Commentary.

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Sunday Service Worship

We have begun our different, and fun, worship series entitled, “Bach2Rock”.  It is a celebration of  Message through Word and Music that acknowledges how God’s Spirit has spoken to generations through song, both in the church and world.  

When the singing of hymns was first introduced into the church, at the time of the Protestant Reformation, it was a HUGE CHANGE — prior to this, worshippers simply watched as the priest moved through the liturgy and sat quietly as the antiphonal choirs sang.  Those sitting in the pews were considered observants NOT participants in worship.  Hymns singing changed that!!  But not easily!  

Learning tunes and reading music was an alien thing.  It began to catch on however, when individuals like

Martin Luther put words to familiar tunes, some of which were classical, but others of which were sung in

Beer Halls.  Today, we take congregational singing for granted and in some cases, outdated, as Praise Bands

and Praise Songs permeate a large number of churches.

However, it is not just specifically religious music that moves us and speaks to our souls, but secular renditions

as well.  Folk songs of the 50s and early 60s did this (i.e who could forget “If I had a Hammer” by Peter, Paul

and Mary) or even “protest” songs of the late 60s and 70s.  Just as secular art or poetry can have a deep

spiritual component, so too all genre of music.  

Over the course of the next few Sundays, at our 10 am service, we will be utilizing all kinds of musical selections

from Classical to Caribbean in our worship.  It should be different, fun, and hopefully meaningful as we share

in the spirit of varying cultures and generations in praise together. It will be a good bridge from the seriousness

of Lent to the easy going atmosphere of summer.

I’m looking forward to this variety of music as well as the wonderfully talented musicians who will be

sharing with us in worship.  

Hope to see you in the weeks ahead!