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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Contemplative Worship - 8:45

Traditional Worship - 10:00

Children's Church - 10:00

Fellowship Time - 11:00

This week:

"Just Breathe"

Rev. Dr. Keith Haemmelmann

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Sunday Service Worship

WHAT are WE to DO...

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?  I mean, undone, choked, paralyzed by the world and the environment in which you find yourself?  I do! 

Not that my life, my health, my work, my home, my community, my church, my nation, and my world ARE TOO MUCH!!!   At least not singularly, but all together, it can all be . . . too much . . . freezing, even the best and most productive of us, in spirit as well as in our minds. 

At least, if we care.

And turning on the evening news or opening the morning paper these days simply exacerbates these feeling, as we see . . .

     . . . rioting in Charlotte that disturbs us

     . . . unpresidential, presidential campaigning that frustrates us

     . . . worldwide tragedy that saddens us, and

     . . . homegrown violence that can frighten us

And it all swells up inside . . . as I, probably like you, wish it to just . . . GO AWAY, but know it won’t — WOULD LIKE TO FIX IT, but

know that singularly, nor quickly, can’t!

And so, we're faced with two options, really: 

1)  give up or give in — withdrawing, protecting and attempting to isolate myself from it all, or

2)  work to engage the issue of my time even more deeply, pressing my determination by applying any skills or avenues at my disposal

more aggressively —  only to discover that in either case, the STUFF still seems to goe on. 

WHAT are WE to DO . . . 

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