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Sunday, July 24, 2016

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"What Good Is Prayer?"

Rev. Dr. Keith Haemmelmann

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Sunday Service Worship


Thursday, July 21 , 2016

After all that’s occurred this past year, it would be impossible to say that we have no issues of Race, in our country.  And though it is defined as a matter between people who are different in heritage or skin color, this issue is so much bigger, the cumulative and infectious by-product of all our fears — FEAR of . . .

          . . . things different

               . . .  things changing

                    . . . increasing violence;

                         . . . varying faith

                              . . . .  the unknown.  

The world is changing at a rapid, even revolutionary pace, one not seen since the Age of Enlightenment, Renaissance, and Reformation, some 500 or so years ago.  And though that tumultuous time resulted in some of our most cherished possessions — freedom, democracy, reason, and education — it too involved, not just great angst, but events of violence as monarchies collapsed and individual rights were born.  So, within the BIG picture of time and humanity, it is my opinion that we are living into a similar age of great transitional, even global, upheaval.  

The problem, when passing through such tempestuous times is we all feel as though life is out-of-control and we fight to regain our equilibrium, sometimes at any cost.  As a result, rather than recognizing this is the state the world finds itself in, we seek quick answers to long-term issues, shallow responses to deep questions, and anybody or thing at which we can point the finger of blame, rather than accepting the truth that the problems and the answers are about ALL OF US!!!  We have all participated in creating them, just as we are all affected by them; and we will all, either work together in order to resolve them . . . or not!!!!

Racism is not a one-sided emotion or perspective, for any number of reasons, all of us have perceptions and misperceptions about those who think, worship, play, look, or work differently than we do.  All people, whether as the outcome of nature or nurture — peer pressure or personal experience — have preconceived notions and beliefs about others whose lives have shaped them in different ways.  But this does not make them bad or wrong or evil, just different!!!  Just as we, in turn, are different as well.  And the only way we overcome this is to learn and understand these differences in order that we might uncover and build upon those hopes, dreams, and ideals we have in common.

I recall the hostile relationship in my childhood community between Protestants and Catholics.  It was so a part of the social psyche on both sides that I thought it would be more acceptable to marry someone with three eyes, than a person of the Catholic tradition.  It’s not that way any more, at least for most.  How did we get from there to here?  People got to know each other, eventually realizing that who we worshipped was more important than how we worshipped, and that working together was far more productive than tearing each other apart.  But this didn’t happen overnight, rather, it required great determination from church leaders as well of private individuals; it involved listening to opinions one would rather not hear in order to achieve results that no one thought possible.

All of which means, that in this tenuous time of transition, we must work hard to be sure that our Faith is stronger than our Fear.  The biblical figure of Moses was instrumental in freeing, then leading his people from an place of slavery to a land of promise and hope, but it required years!   And Moses never stepped foot in that new land.  Nonetheless, he committed himself to the achievement of that goal.  I believe that in this time of upheaval, we are called to do the same.  It won’t be easy or quick, in fact, it will require much patience and time, but things of great value always do.  

I pray that as individuals and as a church, we never give up, but work diligently to offer the best witness we can to the high ideals and values of our faith.  A faith centered in life, not death; hope, not despair; equality, not disparity; unity not division.  A faith focused on creating the kingdom of God, not our own.  A faith where, as the prophet Isaiah wrote, “the spear will be turned into a pruning hook and  the the sword into a ploughshare.  And there will be no need to make war, anymore.”

Hope!  Peace!  Faith!

Rev. Dr. Keith A. Haemmelmann